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November 3, 2013
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LF: Rhyllie Sactris by Keikchu LF: Rhyllie Sactris by Keikchu


Rhyllie Sactris


The house of the intelligent

September 2

157.5 cm

50.8 kg

"Erwin" the Bullhorn snail
"I like snails. They don't talk."

    Just like usual bullhorns, Erwin is easily misunderstood causing his self esteem to fall. According to this snail, he is constantly avoided by others, being called gross and slimy. Sometimes farmers would threaten poor Erwin to leave and that he is consuming all the food for the other animals, when in fact, he just wants to prevent them from getting overfed. Erwin, similar to Rhyllie, has a hard time making friends, and both lonely. As a result, they instantly grew close to each other and became inseparable from one another. Erwin makes a great listener and is very patient and relaxed. He always has time to listen to Rhyllie's rants and complains, not to mention, gives the best advice in return. He enjoys helping Rhyllie out with her new invention and giving moral support.

    * Erwin was found by Rhyllie during the time the rain was pouring strongly, and Rhyllie took him home for shelter.

Length: 13 inches
Core: Dragon
Wood: Pine
Flexibility: Rigid

1. Leg-Locking Curse 
    Locks the legs of a victim together, preventing them from moving independently of each other.
2. Levitation Charm  
    A basic charm mainly used for instruction purposes that causes an object to levitate at the caster's discretion. Very skilled wizards sometimes find creative uses for it.
3. Counterspell - 
    Counters a spell as it is being cast, or cancels an ongoing magical effect. Though taught at an early age, the actual effects of this spell are heavily dependent on the power and skill of the wizard casting it - it is widely used in everything from dueling to medicine, but has relatively limited utility to novices.
4. Disarming Charm 
    Causes the target's wand to fly from their hand. With sufficient power behind it, a Disarming Charm may throw a victim back forcefully. Disarming Charms are mutually off-setting - when cast against eachother, they generally deflect. The Disarming Charm is also an effective counter to many spells.
5. Episkey 
    A simple healing charm, capable of restoring minor injuries. More serious afflictions require greater magic.


Ancient Studies
Magical Theory


Curious || Shy || Cold-hearted || Isolated || Fairly Intelligent || Unsociable || Resourceful || Competitive || Arrogant || Diligent || Reserved || Inventor || Stubborn || Frugal || Simple || Judgmental

    Rhyllie is stuck in a nutshell, afraid of having contact with the social world out there (due to her trauma). At first glance, Rhyllie tends to give off the shy and unsociable aura towards others and hard to approach, since she shows lack of interest and even ends up say snarky responses. In reality, this quiet girl simply does not know how to make proper conversation herself and gets a nervous breakdown, while in the process of doing so. She is constantly afraid of socializing and being judged by others as she speak, so she finds herself forcing herself to think of a response fast. Soon enough, she could no longer take the pressure of conversing. Everyday, she would try to avoid other people and isolate herself inside a room, especially those around her age. Surprisingly, she was great with younger children, perhaps due to the innocence they project. 

    Rhyllie is also fairly intelligent for her age, thanks to her undying curiosity to learn more about the magical world and everything in general. Although she is a very curious girl, she makes an effort to satisfy her curiosity through reserved manners, such as researching, reading and a little bit of hands-on activities. Eager to not only learn, but to also achieve high marks academically, she is considered a diligent and hard-working student. She won't stop trying, until she is satisfied, making her also stubborn. Her stubbornness can be a positive and at the same time negative attribute in her being. Positive, since it helps her reach her achievements, yet negative because it tends to blind her from other aspects that she needs to consider in making decisions.  Rhyllie also tends to be competitive and always wants to be top academically. She constantly compares herself to others and unconsciously despises those who do better than her. 

    Rhyllie grew up to be an amateur inventor. She is creative in her own ways, always making strange and seemingly useless things, but to her, that is her passion. To relieve herself from stress, she would work on her inventions and create new ones as well. Since Rhyllie is not the type to spend, she relies on the basic materials often around her, such as empty plastic bottles or old pencils, to use for her inventions.


    Rhyllie Sactris was born somewhere in the southern coast of the United States as the youngest and second child of the Sactris family, a pure-blood. Her father was a businessman, who owned a successful company and was very busy managing, while her mother was unoccupied and instead, she would spend her leisure time going out and traveling. Aside from her parents, Rhyllie had an older brother, Rein. He was at least 10 years older than Rhyllie and was very kind to his little sister. Since Rhyllie's parents are hardly home, she was closest to her brother, as they would spend almost all their time together in the house. 

    One day, at the age of five, where Rhyllie started kindergarden, rumors started to spread about her mother having an affair. Her classmates started to tease her at first about it, but soon after she became the laughing stock of the class. Everyday in school, hurtful pranks would be played on her and she would be made fun of as the "girl with an unfaithful mother". Confused and terrified at such a young, Rhyllie would cry herself to sleep. Occasionally, she would talk to her brother about it, and he knew something was going on. No matter how much the children wanted to talk about it with their parents, they was afraid of knowing the truth and kept it to themselves. The bullying only grew worse and Rhyllie finally decided that she had to consult her parents. Since her mother was hardly home, she managed to find time to see her father to talk. Apparently, her father was not aware of this the whole time, due to his busy schedules with work. After that, her father called his wife and confirmed that the rumors in school were accurate enough. Huge fights started to arise between the couple and soon, Rhyllie's father grew ill. Her mother without caring for her family, left the children alone to take care of their dad. This only made Rhyllie's father's condition worsen and after awhile, he passed away. During these times, Rhyllie already had so much problems on her tiny palms; bullying, father's death, unfaithful mother, economic problems, she quit school together with her brother and transferred from relative to relative, until nobody wanted them for whatever reasons they had. 

    At the age of 8, Rhyllie, along with her brother, was sent to Taiwan to study in an International school, where they lived with an old couple, who were suppose to be a friends of one of their relatives, not to mention, half-bloods. Surprisingly enough, they were very eager to take care of the unwanted children, since they've missed their own children. They were Rhyllie's new grandparents from that day on. It did take long for her to gradually open up to them after all the trauma, and even in school, because of her bullying experience and lack of socializing for the past few years, she isolated herself from everyone, terrified of them. Rhyllie ended up looking cold-hearted towards others and did not have any friends. She was always alone in group works and lunch breaks, but she was fine with that. Rhyllie could only feel comfortable and herself when she's at home. Her adopted family wasn't that wealthy as compared to her old one, yet she did not mind at all, after everything she's gone through. She grew up to be a resourceful child, making use of every little detail. She also learned to be wise when handling money, since "Money doesn't grow on trees," as her grandmother always reminded her. At the same time, her grandfather has a hobby of inventing little things, from children's toys to household tools. Rhyllie often spent time in her grandfather's workplace after school and eventually learned from him. She ended up sharing the same hobby with one another. She also often listened to fairytales about the great wizards and witches in the past and mesmerized from their stories. Rhyllie decided that someday, when she grew up, she would also become one of those great witches and learn to do great magic herself. The couple also owns a big number of books about magic and so fort, where Rhyllie would often read them in her free time.

    3 years from then, her grandmother went back inside the house from the usual garden chores and cleaning of the mailbox. She had an unusual big smile on her face as she entered holding the letters in her arms. Rhyllie found it quite suspicious and her curiosity perked up. Her grandmother announced that Rhyllie and her brother received an invitation to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In that moment, her eyes bursted and overflowed with tears that she couldn't stop. Finally, her dreams are about to come true. She'll become that great witch she yearned to be, and most of all, she could give back to father, what he has given to her. At once, the siblings packed their stuff and said their farewell to the nice couple who willingly gave them a home and a new family. They agreed to meet each other someday, and she'll show them how great she'll become. 

    Rhyllie started her first year in Hogwarts at 11 years old. She was sorted to Ravenclaw almost immediately, due to her wide stock knowledge. Through her stay in the school, she continued to refuse socializing and ended up being an outcast once more. 

    "I'm sure he'll be proud."

> Chestnuts
> Erwin (snail)
> Adopted family
> Rein (brother)
> Rainy days
> Inventing
> Old but usable materials
> Library
> Blue
> Stories
> Children
> Rural areas
> Learning

> Mother
> Graveyard 
> Horror
> Crowds
> Conversations
> Parties
> Rudeness 
> Sports / outdoor activities
> Any form of arts
> People who spend their money foolishly
> Studying

- Excels at mathematics, magic and history
- Fails at any form of arts and athletic activities
- Refraining from spending money, she often eats left-over food and second hand materials (clothing, school supplies etc.)
- She considers her pet snail and her brother as her best friend.
- Bad habit of biting her lower lip when she's stressed or nervous
- She only makes useless inventions and nothing too mechanical or advanced
- Her discrimination towards muggles lessened, after living with her adopted grandparents and being more exposed to the outside world
- Developed a slight brother complex
- Aside from learning, she tries her best to get high grades to impress her deceased father.
- Actually very awkward and gets flustered easily, once she tries to open up to others
- She actually dislikes studying (doing homework, reviewing for quizzes etc.), but loved to learn nee things.
- Has a harder time adjusting than normal
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